Love Jesus. Make Friends. Be Kind.

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We believe that kids will develop meaningful relationships with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That they will accept Him as their king, trusting Him with all their heart and experience his presence in a tangible and personal way.

We aim to help kids make great friends in church and see families connected into community. We believe that the starting point of showing love for others is showing great, brave kindness. We want every child to encounter Jesus and His power and we thrive on seeing whole households excited to gather in God's house every week.

Ps Nick & Stacie LaGreca

C3 Sydney Kids and Families Pastors

I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go into the house of the Lord."

- Psalm 122:1

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Our Salvation Resource

We are excited to share with you, our salvation resource for kids! The A4 magazine-style booklet includes a salvation certificate insert and explains the story of salvation. It also details how we can be saved and how we can spend time with God. Full of simple truths and fun illustrations, this six-page story will help your kids learn more about what it means to say yes to Jesus!

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Our Current Program

We are excited to announce that we are launching our brand new programs for Primary and Preschool:
'Sharpen your Acts!' and ‘Holy Spirit in me!’

These programs will teach your kids about who the Holy Spirit is and how they can live their lives, being led by the Spirit!

Primary will follow the book of Acts as we learn to have faith in God and pray in the power of the Holy Spirit! Our poster this term gives parents an opportunity to share a story from their own world with their kids, that connects to what they are learning about each week!

Preschool will learn about who the Holy Spirit is and how He fills our lives; He is our helper who loves us! With the Holy Spirit in us,   He helps us to be brave and strong, He helps us to make good choices and He fills us with power to pray for big things! We are believing kids will be filled with the Spirit, with faith to believe for big things in their world and a willing heart to pray for others, too!

We'd also love to let you know that at C3 Kids Sydney, our vision is that every child would  'Love Jesus, make friends and be kind.'  As we go through our programs with kids, we ensure that each part of our service is directed to help kids in these three areas as they unfold their faith in God.

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Past Programs

We want to bless churches and communities with our C3 Kids Resource that is available for your use. Click on our past programs for more information and subscribe to receive all future programs below!

Want to get connected?

Know Jesus. Find Community. Discover Purpose.

We were designed to be in relationship with others and connect groups are the best way to do this! Connect Groups exist to bring people together. The greatest of friendships are formed when we commit to meeting regularly to encourage and build up one another. We have family connect groups that gather every week across all our locations, you are sure to find one that suits you.

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"My family and I recently arrived in Australia from South Africa in need of community for ourselves and our daughter, a place to put down our roots and a place to call home. We are firm believers that God provides friends who are like family and we found these people in our families connect group. It is a safe space to be raw, real and vulnerable. This authentic community has become integral in building our lives here and we always know we have a place to go where we will be welcomed with love and prayer, a place to give and receive and do life together."

- Rachel Mthembu

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The Global Presence Tour is a new era of Presence Conference. As a movement we are stepping into a new day and God is pouring out his Presence in a whole new way.

Presence Conference, the annual pilgrimage of C3, is being reinvented into a global tour: a worldwide experience hitting 20 cities in the year 2020. The Global Presence Tour is the spark that will ignite the future: 1 Million Worshippers.


Presence Tour

Sydney, Australia


18 March 2020


Sydney, Australia


25 - 26 October 2019

Christmas Spectacular

Sydney, Australia


December 2019

Our Locations

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Sunday 10am

Michael and Tiara Els

C3 Kids Location Overseers

Preschool & Primary service

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Sunday 10am

Ngari Tumata

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Preschool & Primary service



Sunday 10am

Jess Deal

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Combined Preschool & Primary service

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Sunday 5pm

Marjorie Yogami

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Combined Preschool & Primary service

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Sunday 10am

Ashleigh and Hamish Stevenson

C3 Kids Location Overseers

Preschool & Primary service

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Sunday 8:30am & 10am

Sacha Cameron

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Bubs, Preschool, Primary & Upper Primary service



Sunday 10am

Sneha Kothala

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Combined Preschool & Primary service



Sunday 10am

Ps Jodie Christinat

and the C3 Kids Team

Preschool - Year 2 & Upper Primary service

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Sunday 10am

Ruthie Britton

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Bubs / Preschool & Primary service



Sunday 10am & 5pm

Shaniece Chamma

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Preschool & Primary service

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Sunday 10am

Tameka Armstrong

C3 Kids Location Overseer

Preschool, Primary & Upper Primary service

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02 9972 8688


C3 Church is committed to providing a child-safe and child-friendly environment for all who attend our services and mid-week meetings. We aim to ensure that children, families and staff have a safe and fun place to engage in Godly and meaningful relationships, receive and provide ministry and grow in their walk with Jesus. The C3 Child Safe framework has been set in place to safeguard under 18’s in attendance, as well as those who provide leadership and those who serve on teams.


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