Does the sound of people praying for you, visiting you when you're sick and lending a hand to move house appeal to you? (Ok, the last one may be stretching the friendship!) If so, you should join a connect group.

Being involved in a community group of people who do life together is one of the richest experiences in church life. There are groups of all ages, different interests and genders for you to find your fit.

Get connected below and find a Connect Group to suit you.



We've got a wealth of Connect Resources and Notes to help equip you as a leader to effectively run your connect group.

The Connect Notes are the latest and archived summary of preachers' notes from our weekend services + discussion questions available for you to use in your Connect Group.

The Connect Resources offer a range of content and courses to assist in providing context to assist you run and enrich your Connect Groups.



Connect Group Leaders are our heroes!

Everyday people who have taken up the call to reach out and build the lives of others. We are transformed as we connect with Christ and as a connect leader you play an important role in that process.

We salute you!