Does having people pray for you, visit you when you're sick and lend you a hand when you're moving house sound good? (Ok, that last one might be stretching the friendship – ha!) Then join a connect group! There are heaps to try where you'll find your fit and find community.

Getting plugged into a connect group is one of the richest experiences in church life. There are different groups of all ages, interests and genders. To get connected use the link below or check out your options at the next Connect Fair at your location, happening the first weekend of August 2018.


Hosting a connect group is simple—choose a topic or activity that interests you, then select a time and location to meet with others to connect and pray. We give you connect notes each week to help and provide training and a coach to help make your small group successful. Talk to the connect team at your location today about beginning your group.


Connect group leaders are our heroes! Everyday people who have taken up the call to reach out and build the lives of others. We are transformed as we connect with Christ and as a connect leader you play an important role in that process. We salute you!